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HIR2 LONGLIFE bulb 12V 55W

HIR2 LONGLIFE bulb 12V 55W

SKU: 35776

CA-RE HIR2 LONGLIFE bulbs lasts up to three times longer than standard automotive bulbs.

- Constructed with a robust filament
- Engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration
-Ensures safe driving during day and night
- Less need for replacement

ECE category - HIR2 9012

Bulb type - Halogen bulb

Base type - PX20d

Voltage - 12V

Wattage - 55W

Application - Headlights, foglights

Approx color temperature (Kelvin) - 3200K

Product weight - 24g

E-Marked / Road legal - YES

Packaging unit - Folding carton box

Pieces per unit - 1pcs


EAN code - 7640153035776

Note:We advise you to change your headlight bulbs in pairs.


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