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Conventional Wiper Blade 700mm / 28 inch

Conventional Wiper Blade 700mm / 28 inch


  • The CA-REConventional wiper blades Premium Editionis a excellent step towards road safety, its design and features have made it a trade favourite and we are now proud to offer our superb high quality professional wiper blades to you at this fantastic price.Adapters included.

    Features Include

    • Extreme long life with Liquid-Fix Graphite -Thehigh quality design of our wiper blades ensures a longer life and better performance.

    • ExcellentScreen Contact- Maintaining an even pressure across the entire length of the blade for efficient cleaning.

    • Maximum Efficient Bridging- Multiple clamps allow for a better spread of pressure on the widscreen reducing smears.

    • Aerodynamic Profile- Unlike cheaper blades our wiper blades are aerodynamic allowing air to pass over and through. This means that the wiper is not only faster but less noise is caused during its operation.

    • Universal Clipping System- Adaptors included enable this range to be fitted to up to 95% of vehicles.

    EAN code -7640153033154


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